How can I book at Ali Jirde Hotel or what is the procedure?

For all your bookings and enquiries, please call Rooms & Reception at +252 63523785 or +252 6530444

At what time is check-in/check-out?

Check-in 12:00 P.M
Check-out 11:00 A.M

Do you offer handicapped rooms?

Handicapped (Rooms are not applicable in the hotel)

Is parking available at the hotel?

Yes, there is plenty of Parking space available at the hotel.

Can I reserve a parking lot?

Parking lot can be reserved if required.

What is the reception opening hours?

Our Hotel reception services operate 24Hrs.

Can I also book breakfast online? What does it cost?

Breakfast bookings are not available online at the moment.

Is half or full board available?

Only full board is available.

Is it possible to book spa treatments?

Spa is Not applicable, but hotel have Male Barbershop and Steam Room.

Can I bring my pet?

Pets are not allowed in the hotel.

Where can I see the hotel rates? / How much is a room/night?

Hotel rates are available online through hotel websites and bookings channels.

Are the rates per person or per room?

Rates are per room.

Do you offer discounts on your room rates?

Yes, we offer discounts from time to time.

Can I book two rooms of different categories?

Yes, you can book 2 rooms from different categories.

Is Wi-Fi available at the hotel/in the room?

WIFI is available anywhere inside the hotel.

Can I reserve a table in a restaurant?

Yes, a table in the restaurant can be reserved upon request.

Do you offer non-smoking rooms?

All rooms are non-smoking rooms. 

Do you offer child rates?

We don’t offer child rates.  

Can I use your hotel facilities even if I am not staying in your hotel?

Facility can be used for other purposes such as private events and meetings (Restaurant and Halls)

Do you offer hotel shuttles, for example cab to the airport?

We offer shuttles from and to the airport.

Can I have breakfast/dinner even if I am not staying in your hotel?

Yes, breakfast and dinner are available even if you are not staying in the hotel.

Where can I get a copy of my invoice after departure?

Please ask at the reception during your check-out for your invoices.

What should I do, if I lost or forgot something in my room?

Contact Lost and Found inside the hotel/ call rooms & reception or drop us an email.

How many rooms can be booked at once?

No limitation of the room booked as long hotel rooms are available.

Which online payment methods do you offer?

Online Payment methods to be available soon with online bookings currently hotel payments are Cash Payment, ZAAD Service, E- Dahab (Online booking coming soon).

How can I change or cancel my reservation?

By Email or phone call.

By when do I have to cancel my booking, if I have to? (buffer period)

48 hours before arrival.

Unable to find you are looking for?

Send us your inquiry and we will be happy to answer you.

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